Soham Town Rangers FC

Under 18s

2011 / 12 Season


Chris Gibson (Manager)

Nathan Nicholls (Assistant Manager / Physio)

Andy Phillips (Technical Assistant)

Baba Camara (Striker)

Dwayne Cohen (Striker)

Jake Cotton (Defender)

Scott Davis (Defender / Midfielder - Captain)

Will Ellis (Midfielder)

Mark Foster (Midfielder)

Will Holmes (Goalkeeper)

Harry Horton (Midfielder)

Ryan Lowe (Defender)

Kurtis Mpunda (Striker)

Chris Munday (Midfielder)

Kane Munday (Goalkeeper)

Jim Orvis (Midfielder)

Courtney Pettifor (Defender)

Greg Pitt (Defender)

Andy Potter (Defender)

James Poulton (Defender)

James Prewett (Midfielder)

Cameron Robb (Striker)

Joe Shippey (Defender / Midfielder)

Matt Simpson (Defender / Midfielder)

Luke Sterna (Defender)

Dec Turner (Goalkeeper)



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